In-Home Basic Training

for You and Your Dog


This service is designed for average dogs 3 months and older. This program teaches foundation behaviors for dogs that can prevent and solve some minor behavior problems. Owners should expect fast results and good compliance from their dogs in and around their homes.

Session One, Approximately Two Hours:

  • Setting Boundaries & Preventing Problems

  • Come, Sit and Down With Hand Signals

  • Using Toys For Good Behavior

Session Two, Approximately Two Hours:

  • Name, Come, Sit & Down With Words

  • Begin Loose Leash Walking

  • Waiting For Food Bowl & Door

Session Three, Approximately Two Hours:

  • More Loose Leash Walking

  • Solving Minor Behavior Problems

  • Random Reinforcement -Weaning off food rewards


*Payment is due at end of each session.

**Eliminating problem behaviors takes more time than teaching a new behavior. Problems are often specific in nature and require me to plan and create a strategy that will work for you and your dog. Minor problems can usually be addressed in an additional training session at $80 per hour. Major problems are treated separately in my Behavior Trouble Program.

***Maggie reserves the right to refuse any client that she feels has a dog that is truly dangerous or is beyond her skill level.

****Maggie adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility set forth by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers:

Members are to “refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training, because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved and because the knowledge of animal behavior is incomplete. This should not be confused with a desire to guarantee client satisfaction with professional services.”