Consulting and Education

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Maggie offers various consulting services to educate individuals and businesses that need dog handling advice. Maggie enjoys public speaking and is passionate about educating people on the most up-to-date, humane and effective training methods.

Topics may include: introducing dogs safely, kids & dogs, dog-body language, dog-to-dog interactions, creating safe and fun dog play groups, assessing temperament and play style,  problem solving, staff and volunteer training, and more.

Below are some things Maggie has done and what has been said about her abilities.

  • Created "Ask the Trainer" clinics for the Safe Animal Shelter in Middleburg and assisted them in training their staff to perform temperament tests on incoming dogs and advised staff and volunteers on many safety protocols. 
  • Was a guest speaker for a Psychology class at St. Johns River Community College in Orange Park.
  •  Gave an informative talk to staff about safety and dog body language to Happy Hound Dog Resorts in Jacksonville.
  • Educated the staff of the San Jose-Beauclerc  Animal Hospital in Jacksonville about low-stress handling techniques and dog body language.
  • Instructed volunteers at the Jacksonville Humane Society on leash-walking and assisted their implementation of the Open Paw Program for the shelter dogs.
  • Performs evaluations and offers training for dogs in need for G.R.E.A.T Rescue of NE Florida.
  • Behavioral and Safety Consultant for Pawstars Pet Care.
"Thank you, Maggie, for guiding us through a challenging transition at our shelter.  Your expertise, patience, and persistence were very much appreciated.  Your insight and training on dog behavior, temperament assessment and behavioral assessment were right on.  On behalf of our four-legged friends, staff and volunteers - thank you!!" -Suzanne Dawes, President, Board of Directors, Safe Animal Shelter
"Very informative! Maggie’s knowledge, teaching style and passion for the well-being of the animals and safety of the humans is to be commended. Her insight into us better understanding our four legged friends is greatly benefiting the Shelter." -Safe Volunteer
"I thought the class was fantastic. It was fun, informative, and interesting. There were so many things I learned that I was not previously in tuned to or aware of. I think the facts about licking and socialization tips were most fascinating. I think Maggie is a dynamic instructor with a lot of energy. -Safe Volunteer 
"I have known Maggie Marshall for about 5 months now and i was impressed the first day she walked into our shop. She knew exactly what to do in situations involving our staff and the dogs. She constantly is adding items that our staff can do and works on ways we can educate and entertain the dogs in our custody. This lady really knows dogs and training!" -Jack B.
"It has been such a wonderful pleasure meeting Maggie and working with her at the Humane Society. I am so excited and thrilled that her business is booming. She is a proven talent! I knew from the first day I met Maggie, that she's GOT IT. " -Stacy Strickland, APDT, Dog Obedience Instructor and Consultant, Jacksonville Humane Society'Trainer.