June, July and August

Dog About Town will be held on each Friday from 7-8pm.

Locations are below.

To Register, call 904-442-5923 or fill out the Contact Me Page here on this website.

"Dog About Town”

This experience is best suited for adolescent dogs ages 7 months-2 years old, who have no history of fighting with other dogs or biting people, but other ages are accepted. Ideally, each dog has been through at least puppy training, but it is not required. 

The adolescent dog is often too big and too rough to play with puppies and too immature to play nicely with adult dogs. They often are full of energy and mischief and need lots of fine-tuning on what they have learned but not yet mastered.

This is the final age bracket to really work on problem behavior prevention. Barking and lunging on leash at people, other dogs, and kids is all too common, and once practiced, difficult to reverse. If dogs at this age do not receive the training they need and deserve, they often don’t live life to the fullest. Dogs should be well-behaved at kids’ sports events, at friends’ houses visiting, in the car, in the lobby of the vet, on the street and wherever else you’d like to bring your dog.

“Dog About Town” will give you real life practice, with my help, to deal with the behaviors you are struggling with and overcome any reluctance you have bringing your dog out into public. I expect to cover leash manners, listening in a distracting environment, ignoring passer-byers, focusing on you and more.

Each week, I will invite you to meet me at a dog-friendly, public location with different challenges to put your training to work. I will make efforts to meet on all sides of Jacksonville to accommodate folks.


Cost is $20 per class. Please pay at the beginning by cash or check. Checks must be made out to: MMDT Services, LLC.

Registration is required by 7 pm the night before. Let me know you plan on attending. Classes are cancelled if there are no registrations, but even one person and class will be held. Rain will also result in class cancellation.


If you are interested in this experience, please fill out the form on the Contact Me page here on my website and request further information or call 904-442-5923. There is a private Facebook group to share your frustrations and successes.

I want to see Jacksonville filled with well- behaved dogs and confident owners!



Friday, June 29th at 3593 Fortuna Drive, Orange Park. There will be an opportunity to play off-leash after class if anyone would like to.


Friday, July 6th -Ringhaver Park at 5198 118th St, Jacksonville, FL 32244

Friday, July 13th -Stinson Park at 27 Ortega Bridge, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Friday, July 20 -NO CLASS

Friday, July 27th -Friendship Park at 1015 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207



The focus of training will always depend on who comes and how the dog behaves. I have many ideas, but cannot implement them until the dogs are focused on their owners in public.

 Maggie and Tommy at Losco Park in Mandarin.

Maggie and Tommy at Losco Park in Mandarin.