Welcome to the website of Maggie Marshall Dog Training. Maggie provides in-home, personal, professional dog training services to Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Be sure to browse through the pages to learn about Maggie, her methods and qualifications, as well as the different types of training services that she offers. Enjoy Maggie's blog for interesting and educational posts and visit her YouTube channel to support your training efforts and to see Maggie at work.




 Maggie is the puppy whisperer! It's uncanny and sometimes disturbing in a purely supernatural way how much she understands dogs of all sizes and breeds! HIRE HER! -Michelle Myers
"Maggie Marshall's knowledge and passion for training are contagious!" -Jessica, Owner of Maverick and Hollywood
"Maggie Marshall uses Positive Reinforcement training techniques to teach your dog to perform and behave. Her methods are easy to understand and implement." -Emily, Owner of Xander
"Her devotion to animals is very apparent and showed us that patience with animals is well worth it." -Linda, Owner of Hemi

"I have seen improvement in the dogs and they have continued to use some of the techniques and suggestions she gave them almost 2 years later. " -Beth of Orange Park