Maggie is a Mentor Trainer for Animal Behavior College and also mentors privately for those considering dog training as a career either after ABC or totally separately. After attending ABC herself, she felt unprepared to train at the level she wanted. Maggie was very fortunate to meet Bob Hammesfahr of Behavior Training for Dogs and to be invited to shadow him while working. Maggie still seeks Bob's guidance and the two are tight friends to this day. Finding a mentor is a perfect way to learn to train dogs. You must be skilled and talented and there are no two trainers the same.

There is no pre-requisite education or experience needed to become an apprentice under Maggie, however, there is an interview to determine if you are suited for dog training and that you and Maggie agree on the outline of the relationship. As a mentor, Maggie will provide a a syllabus, a schedule, and policies. An apprentice accompanies Maggie on a large number of private training sessions, attends her Puppy Play ~n~ Learn and Small Dog Only Play ~n~ Learn classes and will have opportunities to work hands-on with various dogs. Maggie only takes on one apprentice at a time. Below are some previous apprentices to testify to Maggie's ability to mentor.