"Dog About Town

The goal of this class is to maintain a high level of leash handling skills, build confidence in owner and dog and facilitate social behavior, and training opportunities with my coaching in a public venue. 

All participants must have at least one training session with Maggie, prior to enrolling to evaluate your skills and your dog for safety.

Walter Jones Historical Park in Mandarin

Walter Jones Historical Park in Mandarin

·     Wednesdays at 6:30-8pm (see Group Calendar on website for locations)     

·     $25 per class -must pre-pay -an invoice will be sent via email

·     Have a hungry dog on a regular 6-foot leash and a loaded treat pouch and clicker.

·     Please do not allow the dogs to greet one another without my permission.

·     You may enroll at any time if there is space. Text or call Jenna at 904-442-5923.

Musical Chairs and Focus on Owners at Fishweir Park.

Musical Chairs and Focus on Owners at Fishweir Park.

·     You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance and a credit will be applied to a future class. Any cancellations or no shows on the day of class will result in you being charged.

“Dog About Town” will give you real life practice, with my help, to deal with the behaviors you are struggling with and overcome any reluctance you have bringing your dog out into public. I expect to cover leash manners, listening in a distracting environment, ignoring passer-byers, focusing on you, greeting people and dogs while on leash and more.

DAT meets at a dog-friendly, public location, with different challenges to put your training to work. I will make efforts to meet on all sides of Jacksonville to accommodate folks. See the Group Class Calendar for locations. Also, on the calendar will be the names of people and dogs as they enroll. There is a private Facebook group that includes Dog About Town participants and Friendly Dog Playgroup participants to share your frustrations and successes and have a shortcut to speak to Maggie. See you at the park!

Dog About Town is a class held in a different locations each week to work on real-life scenarios to challenge owners and their dogs to build confidence in their handling skills.