Dog Sitting Services for Training Clients

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Jenna’s Service Area: Parts of the Westside, San Marco, Riverside, Ortega,

Avondale, Argyle, Orange Park, parts of Middleburg and Mandarin. 

Carla’s Service Area: Gate Parkway and 15 minutes around it

Dog Sitting Services are scheduled, organized and overseen by Maggie. She, Jenna. and/or Carla will perform the scheduled visits. Each is insured, bonded, and Certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. Sitters are trained to care for your dog while you are at work, away for an overnight, or on vacation. If your dog has behavioral issues such as significant fear or aggression -we are your sitters. 

To receive dog sitting services, simply call 904-442-5923 or fill out the Client Form and you will receive a call back. 

 Maggie and Jenna or Carla will come to your home for an initial consultation to discuss your needs and desires, to sign a contract and obtain a key and nonrefundable deposit.

Who you leave your dog with matters to the well-being of your dog, the safety of your home and your ability to relax while away.

 “Maggie is 100% reliable. If you make a reservation for the care of your dog, Maggie will be there. She is the ultimate dog whisperer. ALL dogs love Maggie. I can enjoy time away from home knowing my sweet pet is receiving the best of care. It is very important who you trust to care for your dog and keep her safe while you are away. Maggie Marshall has provided care for my dog for over two years. Not only does she provide the basic needs of my dog, she also meets her mental and exercise needs as well. I receive daily updates and photos and/or videos that ease my mind knowing that my dog is happy while I am away. Sometimes I think my dog loves Maggie more than me, which is the ultimate compliment. -Jackie”

Single Visit ~ $25

You may purchase one visit or as many as you need.

We do not leave a dog alone for more than 6 hours at a time, except for overnight.

Four visits per day, when you are away, is recommended to ensure humane treatment of your dog. (breakfast, midday, dinner and bedtime)

Jenna enjoying some puppy love!

Jenna enjoying some puppy love!

·         As long as it takes to get the job done        

·         feed dog         

·         refresh water         

·         bathroom break         

·         play time  and/or walk if it’s part of the dog’s normal routine       

·         love

·         photo, video, or message by text