Friendly Dog Playgroup

When: Saturdays 2-3pm (In November it will be 2:30-3:30pm)

Cost: $25 per class

Where: At MMDT

Who: Up to 8 Dogs of any age that have been deemed friendly by Maggie.

How: Must be an established client of Maggie. To enroll, call or text Jenna at 904-442-5923.

True dog friends.

True dog friends.

You may cancel up to 24 hours in advance and a credit will be applied to a future class. Any cancellations or no shows on the day of class will result in you being charged.

A great place to learn and grow in a protective environment. I would never be comfortable enough on my own to try some of the techniques we have practiced without the confidence that Maggie’s watchful eye brings. Thank you Maggie & Jenna! ❤️

The Friendly Dog Playgroup is a safe and fun time for your dog to play and maintain his level of socialization with people and other dogs. This class is light on obedience, but a topic may include: narrating the interactions of the dogs, review of basic obedience cues, trouble-shooting individual issues, etc.  

This Group is where owners of unsocial dogs would love to see their dogs play, so I have organized the group to assist in integrating dogs that need some help. 

Any new dog that has not been integrated before and may still look scary on leash, but I feel will work out in one or two go rounds, will be brought in at 2:45. The owners who are willing to be exposed to this new dog will stay and anyone who wants to leave or opt out or watch from a safe area are welcome to do so. The safety and enjoyment of all people and dogs is paramount. I will be diligent about keeping this group safe and fun. Any participant can feel free to speak to me bluntly if a dog makes her uncomfortable or the group declines in friendliness. 

I have been very successful with several dogs that otherwise would have been shunned from society and I am pleased to help these owners and dogs have a better quality of life. If I get the commitment, I want to give it back to these people and I thank those of you that participate in this process with your dogs.


This is a pretty normal and low-key playgroup on this day. There was one make dog that was 10 months old and not yet neutered that was adding some interest. Many owners are waiting longer to spay and neuter their dogs and many dog facilities will not allow them to play in the general population.
Eleanor received several private training sessions to work on manners, some food aggression issues with her housemate, and for leash reactivity and anti-social behavior toward other dogs. Here is what she looked like on the day she was integrated into the playgroup.
Eleanor is a 2 year old, pit mix who lives with a male dog and has had no other dog friends. She reacts to seeing dogs on leash and looks really scary. Her owners were not sure what would happen if she met another dog and were nervous about walking her.