Just the Basics

Teach your dog his name, come, sit and down, simply and thoroughly, and so it works in real life.

This is a semi-private class for 2-4 people, who want to learn how to gain their dogs’ attention and focus and increase listening and manners through the use of very basic commands. Not only learn how to teach these commands to your dog, but also how and when to use them for amazing behavior! As a bonus, the last class is held outdoors with distractions, so you can put what you learned to real use in a distracting environment. You will receive written handouts to help you between classes.

When: Every Thursday from 7-8pm (Beginning in November)

Where: MMDT at 7060 103rd Street, Unit 113. Behind the U-Haul and on the 4th class at an off-site, nearby location for work around distractions.

Cost: 4 classes for $200.00

For: For only 2-4 people and any dog 4 months or older, who is not dangerous and who won’t bark throughout the class. (this type needs private training)

Bring: Your dog on a leash (regular 6 foot), collar or harness, with a treat pouch filled with small, high value treats -like boiled chicken and bring your dog hungry! (I sell pouches and harnesses)