Leash Walking 


Learn how to get your dog to focus on you, pace with you and listen on leash. Some management techniques and problem prevention are taught also. This class has homework, so be prepared to commit to this training for 4 consecutive weeks. This class is best suited for any age dog, but one without significant behavioral issues. If your dog lunges, freaks out or wants to chase or eat other dogs and animals on a walk -this is not your class.

 Cost: $240  (no more than 3 students per class)

Where: MMDT at 7060 103rd St. Unit 113 and at an outdoor location on the 4th week. 

When: Every Saturday from 1-2pm (Beginning in November)

What to bring: Must bring a 20-foot leash, a 6 foot leash, a collar or harness , a treat pouch loaded with small, very tasty treats and a hungry dog.


*Leashes, harnesses and treat pouches may be purchased at MMDT


Uploaded by Maggie Marshall on 2019-08-18.