Jenna Coates

Office Manager

Dog Sitter

Dog Trainer in Training

Jenna Coates joined MMDT in March 2019. Jenna worked previously in photography and in customer service; both of which help her in her duties at MMDT. You will be greeted by her if you enter my facility or call my phone. You can text her and she will respond! Jenna keeps MMDT organized and running smoothly. With the opening of the facility, the business has grown rapidly and Maggie could not have chosen a better person to be beside her. Jenna is indispensable to MMDT and to Maggie. You will find Jenna to be pleasant, hard working, fun, easy to be around, caring, thoughtful, and super responsible.

Currently, Jenna assists with group classes, dog sitting and puppy field trips. She is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid and is on a track to become a full-time trainer when she is ready. She has natural talent and a love for dogs and people; all Jenna needs is time and the education and we can assist twice as many great clients and their dogs!