Summary of Services and Price List

See Individual Pages for more information About Each Service

Private Training in Your Home $200 per session

  • A session is approximately 2 hours

  • Best for clients whose schedule will not allow them to come to MMDT or classes.

  • Best for fear and aggression issues.

  • Best for problem behaviors that are connected to the home environment.

Private training at MMDT (7060 103rd St. Jacksonville, 32222) $80 per hour

  • Best for basic training and minor behavioral issues

  • Best for slow learners or extra attention

Just the Basics at MMDT $200 for 4 classes

  • Only 2-3 people per class for extra time and attention

  • Learn name, come, sit and down and how to use them for manners and problems

Leash Walking @MMDT $240 for 4 classes

  • Only 2 people and their dogs

  • Learn to obtain your dog’s attention, get him to pace with you and no more pulling!

Dog About Town (Held at a different location each week) $25 per class

  • For dogs and owners who want to build their confidence and handling skills in public.

  • To work around distractions and other dogs

  • To be challenged and have fun

Friendly Dog Playgroup at MMDT $25 per class

  • For dogs that have never been in a fight that has caused physical damage to a dog

  • For play, confidence, fun, exercise and socialization

Puppy Play n Learn at MMDT $150 for 6 classes

  • Best for puppies age 10 weeks through the 6th month

  • Play, learn and socialize

Dog Sitting $25 per visit

  • Only for training clients

  • For the best care possible while you are away