Full Testimonials

"Maggie Marshall is the reason we love our dog so much!  We started training with her from day 1.  She literally came to the shelter and helped us choose the puppy that would become such a huge part of our family.  She had our dog sitting and and following simple, helpful commands after her first visit with us.  Her patience (with us AND the dog) is neverending, and she is a joy to work with.  As a result of Maggie's hard work with Dyson, and her follow through with us, we can honestly say we have one of the very best dogs in JAX." 

-The Myers Family and Dyson, Jacksonville 

 "Maggie Marshall's knowledge and passion for training are contagious! We appreciated especially the customized attention she provided for our situation. Having Maggie into our home allowed us to learn what works for us in our specific situation in our environment. Although we originally retained her for our puppy, we were able to also work with our older dog on leash walking and general commands, making both furry members of our household easier to love! I would (and have) reccommend Maggie Marshall Dog Trainer to anyone who will listen!" 

-Jessica, Owner of Maverick and Hollywood

"Maggie Marshall uses Positive Reinforcement training techniques to teach your dog to perform and behave. Her methods are easy to understand and implement. She is open and honest and never speaks down to her clients. Her training sessions are wonderful and affordable and can be somewhat tailored to your specific needs. I highly recommend Maggie Marshall Dog Training!" 

-Emily, Owner of Xander

"I found Maggie Marshall after getting a lab from the humane society. She helped my daughter and I learn how we should teach him to respect his and our boundaries. Her devotion to animals is very apparent and showed us that patience with animals is well worth it." 

-Linda, Owner of Hemi

" I arranged for Maggie Marshall to come and work with my parents and their 3 dogs while they were visiting from out of state. She was able to work with them on on a few occassions and gave my parents suggestions, they had lots to work on!!! I have seen improvement in the dogs and they have continued to use some of the techniques and suggestions she gave them almost 2 years later. About a year later, after one of their dogs passed, they adopted another that was not so fond of my children. Since we dogsit when they go on long trips, I was concerned about the mix. I called Maggie, she came over and worked with my kids and the dog and by the end of the week, they were petting her and although they are not as close as they were with her predecessor, they are able to be safely in the same room and that makes everyone happy. Maggie is incredibly professional, very intune to the dogs and their behaviors and realistic about approaches to fix behaviors. When we are ready to get a dog, we will be contacting Maggie for suggestions and training." 

-Beth of Orange Park

"I had just recently adopted a badly abused, 4-year-old mix from Gainesville Pet Rescue. I had been led to believe the little thing was housebroken. While I understand that a dog either is or is not housebroken, there were not multiple accidents per day, and I was at a total loss how to handle the situation given the dog has been so badly abused and is also about 4 years old. I was at my wit's end totally at a loss because I didn't want to do anything to make this dog feel in any way abused or afraid. I searched Angie's List and found this provider. She was not really close to me, but I really needed a female as apparently my little rescue has a horrific aversion to men. So, even though it was evening, I went ahead and emailed her. Wow! I got an email back that same night. She realized how desperate I was! She immediately provided me with tips, instructions, etc. I had a couple of additional questions a few days later and she was equally as prompt, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. I would definitely use this trainer in the future - even if I had to pay for telephone consultations or even travel some distance to see her! This is a woman who cares AND knows her business!" 

-MaryLynn C Zurich, Alachua, FL

"Maggie has been a blessing.  I was at the end of my rope with my two year old dog Clancy when I contacted Maggie.  I’ve had numerous trainers in the past for Clancy and hardly any of it had worked.  I was hesitant at first about clicker training, especially after so many other methods had produced limited results or outright failed.  I was pleasantly surprised that clicker training worked!  But it wasn’t just the clicker training – it was Maggie’s comprehensive approach to dog training, ability to assess the situation, and provide solutions that turned Clancy around, and me too. Maggie provided me with the insight, tools, and techniques to manage and resolve Clancy’s incessant barking, toy possessiveness, kitchen counter surfing, and leash pulling on walks.  She has a keen insight into dog behavior and a common sense approach.  I was particularly impressed that she was always available in between training sessions to talk about issues on the phone or via email.  She also provided me with written step-by-step personalized instructions on how to deal with Clancy’s problems.  Maggie always gave a lot of thought to why he  was misbehaving and formulated solutions to correct them. Using what Maggie has taught me, I see improvement every day with Clancy.  It’s like a miracle has occurred.   Everyone comments on what a different dog Clancy seems to be, and he is.  And I am a different owner and it is all because of Maggie. Plus these positive changes all occurred with only a few lessons, not months and months of training.  I’m not saying that Clancy is perfect but he is so much better and I can’t thank Maggie enough.  Maggie is a super dog trainer!! "

-Michal Cox, Owner of Clancy, Fleming Island    


"Maggie showed up promptly at our home and spent a couple of hours teaching us how to deal with Cami and her issues. She is a believer in reward/clicker training and it works well. She left us several handouts to help us continue the training on our own. Without Maggie's assistance and guidance, I don't think our dog would have made it with us. Cami is a recent rescue. She is shy/timid (which I did not know) and has the additional problem of being unable to deal with people who are standing. I was of the belief that you got a dog from the shelter, took it home and the dog was "grateful" to you for saving it. How wrong Cami proved that to be. Maggie provided us with ways to help Cami overcome some of her issues during her training session with us. But the best thing about Maggie is that she continues to provide support through her website and Facebook pages with tips and suggestions. And if I have a specific problem she will give me some insight as to how to deal with it. She cares about the well-being of the animal and wants to make sure that it is a positive experience for all. " 

-Becky, Owner of Cami

"I met Maggie when she came to the shelter to work with our dogs as part of her trainer certification program.   I am usually very skeptical when it comes to trainers, I have met too many who claim they use positive reinforcement only and then they incorporate physical punishment into their training regime.  I have literally walked out of a class with my dog, when the trainer suggested to use a prong collar on another dog.  So I observed Maggie when she started working with our dogs and I can assure you that she does not use any physical punishment. She also recognized immediately the specific problem a certain dog had, and knew how to effectively work with this dog. She achieved a difference in the behavior very quickly. She also made valuable suggestions to the kennel staff and our volunteer dog walkers how to deal with certain problems a specific dog had.  I can highly recommend Maggie as a dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement and I am very glad and excited that we have such a trainer in our area.  And if the need arises, I would hire Maggie to work with one of my own dogs, or attend one of her classes without hesitation."

-Dagmar Lake, Kennel Supervisor at Safe Animal Shelter

"Thank you, Maggie, for guiding us through a challenging transition at our shelter.  Your expertise, patience, and persistence were very much appreciated.  Your insight and training on dog behavior, temperament assessment and behavioral assessment were right on.  On behalf of our four-legged friends, staff and volunteers - thank you!!"

 -Suzanne Dawes, President, Board of Directors at Safe Animal Shelter

"We have been working with Maggie for a few months now. She has helped us with a puppy and an older dog that we needed help undoing some bad behaviors. She has been a life saver and is always willing to answer all of our questions. She provides tons of very helpful handouts and other resources for us to refer to. We used "pet training" at a pet store in the past and there is absolutely no comparison to the level of instruction you get one-on-one in YOUR dog's environment instead. Truly suggest her training if you want to invest in a long happy lifetime with your fuzzy four-legged children. " 

-Jennifer and Tiffany, Owners of Ruthie, Riley, Abby and new arrival Maecy

 "I met Maggie in a park on Cape Cod when I was desperately searching for someone to keep my dog (Buckley) during the day while my husband was in and out of hospitals.  Buckley also needed further training and socializing as he was very young.  That day, I also met Maggie's children, who fell in love with Buckley and he seemed to be just as happy with them and also with their dog, Callie.  So, we started dog-sitting and it was a huge success.  If I mentioned the name "Callie" to Buckley too soon before we were ready to leave, he would go crazy trying to get out the door.  Buckley was so happy with Maggie and her family and was coming along so well with his training that I decided to make a gift of him to Maggie since I was allergic to him and shouldn't have had him anyway.  After my husband died I gave Buckley to the Marshalls.  I haven't regretted it at all.  He is so loved and so well cared for by them.  Maggie has done a great job with Buckley.  You can trust your dog with Maggie for training and for loving!"

-Dorothy Harder, friend and former owner of Buckley

""Lucky!” That’s the name of my rambunctious 2 year old chocolate lab, but it’s also how I feel about meeting Maggie Marshall who helped me understand and appreciate how a dog thinks and how to help our family embrace Lucky and all his high energy and enthusiasm for life. I was feeling at the end of my rope with what to do with Lucky after the first few months of having him home with us. He had ...taken over the house and made my young daughters nervous to be near him when he was so hyperactive and uncontrollable. I met Maggie through a mutual friend who referred me to her training services. When Maggie came to our home, we met a kind and gentle woman who knew exactly how to handle dogs! It was like magic! It was so easy for her, so natural. I was amazed at how she was able to control and train Lucky in just a few minutes of her time with him! Lucky took to her immediately and I witnessed a dog that could behave and listen and learn! And, I also realized just how much my family and I didn’t know and how much we needed to learn in order to have Lucky be that same dog he was when he was around her. Maggie always made herself available for us when it came to Lucky. Since we have a small yard, Maggie kindly shared with us a nice large fenced field area in her own neighborhood that we could take Lucky to and let him run off leash safely in the enclosed area so he could release some of that high energy he has so that we could then practice the techniques she showed us with the different basic commands as well as walking on a leash with him. The different handouts Maggie would provide me with were all very helpful to me with dealing with Lucky’s particular behavior problems such as digging and jumping. Whatever I need with Lucky, Maggie is always supportive and available. I like her simple and positive techniques she uses and I like that she possesses a sincere joy and easy ability to work with both humans and their dogs. Maggie’s expertise with and passion for dogs is evident, and my family and I feel very LUCKY to know her!"

 -Tricia, Owner of Lucky

 "It has been such a wonderful pleasure meeting Maggie and working with her at the Humane Society. I am so excited and thrilled that her business is booming. She is a proven talent! I knew from the first day I met Maggie, that she's GOT IT. "

-Stacy Strickland, APDT, Dog Obedience Instructor and Consultant, Jacksonville Humane Society Trainer