No More Excuses

There are too many dog owners who get dogs from unreliable sources, for the wrong reasons and then do nothing with them. No training, no clear communication, very little exposure to new things, places, and people; all the while providing very little exercise for the bored dog.

Then....something changes.

They move from a house with a yard to an apartment building. They get married and the fiance has a dog too. They have a baby. You know -normal human life changes.

Poor dog.

He got no preparation for life and certainly not for life changes. These changes bring out the fact that the dog knows nothing, has no coping skills and is unsocial; maybe even profoundly fearful and aggressive by now.

Enter me.

Only, I can only do so much. I wasn't consulted when the dog was chosen. I wasn't called in for puppy training or any training. I am usually the first thing the owner does and the last resort all in one.

The poor dog is completely unprepared and is now being called difficult, bad, stubborn, and being punished for showing his discomfort and inability to cope with his owner's life change.


Every day I get calls about issues that could have been prevented if the owner knew how important and helpful training is. The dog could have been prepared if his owner made time and stopped making excuses for doing nothing with the dog for days...weeks...or years.

I can help choose the right dog for you. Ask the people I have helped.

I can train your puppy - really well -for about $20 a week for the first year or a total of $300-$400.

I can teach you simple ways to do amazing things that will make you and your dog smarter and less stressed.

I can introduce your dog to another dog and it will go well!

I can help you train your dog to be prepared for LIFE! not just your house and your yard.

My heart aches for the dogs being euthanized because their behaviors are too much for people to handle -the very people who neglected to prepare the dog how to behave.

Be an educated dog owner. Today. Right now.