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It was recommended by many (other trainers, vet, uninformed laypeople) that we put Jethro down (at the time, not quite 1 year old). The only person willing to work with him was a “yank that chain as hard as you can; pull him off the ground if necessary” guy. Then, a recommendation came our way, and you saved his life — literally. You went to the trouble to get to know him, to assess him before coming to conclusions. You were willing to work with him, but only after honestly explaining to us the commitment that would be necessary; offering to go forward only if we were willing to make that commitment. Jethro is now 2 and-a-half and a valued member of our family, a good friend and partner. He still has some residual issues and we recognize he is an on-going project that requires our diligence, so we will be attending the May “Reactive Dog” classes. I should also add, it was not just your willingness, but your knowledge, expertise and methods that resulted in what I consider to be a “success” story. I can’t help but smile as I look down and see him laying at my feet as I write this. “Thank you” will never be enough, but ... Thank You. And, as always, I have to attach the accompanying picture as it says so much more than I can.
— Larry K.